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Twitter will eat your URLs

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

My HTML periodic table has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter over the last few days. Because the page has a relatively short URL a lot of people have been tweeting the actual URL rather that using a URL shortening service. This has been good for me because shorteners remove the HTTP referrer and stop me from seeing where my Twitter traffic comes from.

A peek at my error logs did reveal one potential problem though. I’ve had well over a thousand hits to invalid URLs like These are obviously URLs which have run up against Twitter’s infamous 140 character limit and have been truncated. This results in wasted traffic for me and a waste of time for my visitors so I decided to push a quick fix. (more…)

A PHP snippet for pluralizing strings

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Every time I’m working on CRUD applications it seems like a lot of boilerplate code goes towards displaying appropriate messages when lists can contain zero, one or more than one element. I put together a quick function to speed up the process.

The function takes a string with string fragments marked up inline as its main argument. It then formats the output based on the count passed into the function. (more…)